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Begins Friday, January 6, 2023

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Looking Through Indigenous Eyes

Do remember learning about the First Thanksgiving in school? What do you remember? Or, what do you know about the Trail of Tears and what created it? And, what precipitated the Great Indian Plains Wars of the 1800s? What other portrayals of Native People do you recall from your school days? In this class, we will be examining numerous events in Native American History, trying to discern what is fact and what is fiction. Each week we will examine events and try to reconcile them as they have been portrayed in the American mainstream media and history textbooks. Dust off your old schoolbooks, and let’s dig in!

The Course Plan by Week

1  The  Wampanoag & the Pilgrims

2  Tecumseh & the Ohio Valley

3  The Trails of Tears & the Civilized Tribes

4  The Quest for the West 1845 to 1869 - Southern Plains

5  The Quest for the West 1869 to 1890 - Northern Plains 

6  The Apache - Cochise & Geronimo

7  California & the Northwest - The Chumash & Modoc

8  Wounded Knee 1973 - Modern Day Warfare


Session One:


Increase your knowledge of this week's topic by reading some articles or viewing some videos.