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American Indian Studies essential topics, Native Worldview and Philosophy, and Traditional Teaching Methodologies are all important components in understanding the Native Experience. For the first time, these three crucial elements are brought together in a single text for educators to use in their curriculum planning as well as for the general public in their understanding of Indigenous People. Through the views of Indian scholars, researchers, and educators, a comprehensive look at the Native American Experience evolves.


Starting with an in-depth examination of American Indian Studies, the text chronicles the evolution of Indian Education from the roots of how Native people were educated in the New World to its current presence on the university campus.


The text progresses to an essential conceptual understanding in discussing Indigenous People: The Native Worldview and Philosophy. The author identifies the components of both subjects and discusses the importance of using those elements as contextual tools in understanding the issues that are so important to the full grasp of the Native American Experience.


Finally tying the Native issues and worldview together are Traditional Teaching Methodologies. A thorough examination of the time-tested techniques demonstrate how the use of traditional methodologies enhances the presentation of a complete American Indian Studies course. With the current changing demographics of mainstream education, the author explains how a traditional approach can improve and empower the teacher in today's modern classroom as well.

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