The Native American Experience:

Looking Through Indigenous Eyes

This class is a revised and enhanced iteration of the previously offered course. American Indians have not "vanished," as it is often surmised. In fact, it is quite the contrary: Native Americans are thriving and contributing to the rich tapestry of the American culture. After first looking at the Indigenous Worldview and learning how we each personally relate to it, this class will then explore several topics that are fundamental to Native people and their way of life, using the Indigenous Worldview to compare and contrast them to that of the mainstream, which is often completely opposite to the Indian Perspective. We will examine the topics listed below:


  • Indian Country

  • Indian Identity                                        

  • The Circularity of Life

  • The Land Is Sacred

  • Native Spirituality

  • Oral Tradition

  • The Native Community

  • Federal Indian Policy

  • Indian Education

Module 7:

"The Native Community"

Week Essential Questions

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